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Biopharmaceutical Company Builds Strong Leadership Program

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Prince Performance LLC was recently contacted by a leading biopharmaceutical company preparing for an extensive set of product launches. The publicly traded business serves in a worldwide capacity and is currently located in more than 170 countries. Company revenue averages at $45.804 billion, managing over 30,000 staff globally.

Challenges Faced

The biopharmaceutical company was preparing to complete 3 product releases in 1 year, although they were unprepared for this dramatic scale. Until this point, the institution had
averaged only 1 new launch every five years. This posed multiple challenges for the organization, mostly around building professional teams that would support and manage the
eventual launches. Over 100 district managers would be needed for the nationwide rollout, which the company could not completely hire externally. This necessitated more than 75% of
internal positions to be transformed into leadership positions.

The biopharmaceutical company did not have a ready-built pipeline for internal hiring at this magnitude. To mitigate potential risks and timeline concerns, the company contacted Prince
Performance LLC to develop a leadership program for internal hiring and promotions.

Innovating Customized Solutions

Working with company leadership, Prince Performance LLC determined that a 4-month program would provide leadership essentials and development opportunities to build employee
confidence in leading skilled teams. The leadership program included:

➢ Blended in-person skill development
➢ Individualized development plan
➢ Mentors & learning community
➢ Monthly topics & speakers

100 high potential sales representatives participated in a 3-day kickoff meeting with 4 targeted simulations, each completed with a mentor to identify areas of personal and leadership growth.

Training teams facilitated targeted skill development for months 2 – 4 by identifying leadership gaps and the best practices of being a leader. Subject matter experts were involved to highlight important skills. Attendees were involved with topics of development, informative webinars, mentor support, and community discussions.

The final 3 days of the program involved an in-person meeting with all participants. This allowed the training team to highlight 4 critical skill areas, conduct panels, introduce guest speakers, and
celebrate attendees with a graduation celebration.

Watching Results Take Flight

The program was an immediate success, placing over 70% of attendees into much needed leadership positions. The leadership development program was extremely popular among
attendees and leadership staff, winning a Presidential Award from the company. This prestigious achievement offers the highest-level of recognition by senior leadership and the
Commercial organization.

Subsequent to the program, the organization’s 3 product launches were completed successfully, with confident, skilled leaders assigned to build high-performing teams. Graduated attendees
felt ready and able to take on challenges ahead.

Prince Performance LLC Maximizes Leadership Potential

Leadership development is a vital aspect of your company’s success, employees, and future. Provide your team with the skills they need to thrive by trusting Prince Performance LLC in your
leadership development programs. Our team is prepared to deliver outstanding results, with an emphasis on:

● Self-Assessment Feedback
● Conflict Management
● Team Building
● Relationship Intelligence
● Diversity & Inclusion

Reach out to us today to develop a leadership program customized for your company.

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