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Planting Your Flag: Leadership is Within Your Reach

Leadership Series

Top of the Mountain Leadership: Bringing Out the Very Best in Your Team

Are you striving to reach the top of the mountain on the climb to success at your organization? If you aspire to be among the next generation of leaders to reach the summit, it is critical to have key leadership skills to engage and motivate your teams to achieve higher performance. Leadership begins with those who hone their personal and interpersonal skills. To be seen as a leader, you need to learn to influence people, give meaningful feedback, drive change and produce results. This workshop can help you and/or your aspiring employees attain those goals.

Top of the Mountain Leadership: Leveraging Strengths, Facing Conflict and Driving Team Effectiveness

Where will tomorrow’s leaders come from? In order to become an effective leader, you must learn how to influence others, give constructive feedback, drive organizational change and produce positive results. By understanding the communication and leadership style preferences for each member of your team, you can better motivate each member to achieve higher performance and productivity.

In this interactive workshop, you will develop your self-awareness and improve your ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, generations and those whose values differ from yours. By understanding what’s driving your team, you can build on your team’s strengths to build a more inclusive and inspiring workplace.

The Future of Work: Adapt Now or Die!

Is your organization weighing the advantages, disadvantages, and overall impact of artificial intelligence (AI)? In a world that is rapidly changing, it is imperative to understand how to develop and prepare your organization’s top talent for this new reality. The use of AI is growing every day and its prevalence presents enormous business opportunities as well as the potential for adversity.

From insurance companies to retailers and from financial markets to healthcare providers, AI is changing the way we live, learn, invest, and transact business. What can we do now to prepare ourselves for the future and support our employees? In this interactive session, you will walk away with tips on what you can do now to lay the foundation for the new realities of work in the digital age with a focus on the skills your employees will need to survive and succeed.

The Future of Work in a Hybrid World

Are you working with leaders and clients who are navigating the uncertainties of a hybrid work model? This transition is an opportunity for a profound transformation of how work gets done and — if done right — can impact the ability of your organization to retain talent in this competitive talent environment. Leaders are being asked to shift their mindsets and navigate this transition with their teams. In this popular workshop, we will explore key aspects of these new ways of working and uncover factors for success in keeping the best talent. What does it mean to be a good leader in a hybrid context? This program will provide a preview of the key skills needed during this time of change to build high-performing teams and reduce turnover.

Many speakers say they have the skills but when you book them, it turns out they are not set up to provide a professional, polished virtual experience. Only the most highly qualified virtual presenters are given the Certified Virtual Presenter logo and it is a rigorous qualification process including internet speeds, lighting, audio, and technical backups. I am proud to say I am now a Certified Virtual Presenter and would love to work with you on a virtual program you need a professional speaker. Contact me for more information on how to book me for your next event.

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Tiffany has spoken at various industry conferences, corporate meetings, and association events.

Using experiential learning methods, and sharing instructive examples and engaging stories, her speaking style is always well received. As a master facilitator, her engagement with audiences is built around human connections and the importance of collaboration so that everyone feels a part of the learning journey.

Tiffany Prince

Internationally renowned speaker, consultant, coach and owner of Prince Performance LLC, provides training/ facilitation, change management techniques and business strategy processes to a range of companies and industries. She has first-hand knowledge of Technology, US Federal Government, Financial Services and Healthcare sectors. She has designed and coached international development and change programs in the US and EMEA region, working with Fortune 500 companies.

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