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Tiffany Prince’s consulting arm is Prince Performance, LLC. We provide leadership to organizations that are in need of organizational change management, continuous improvement, training/facilitation and business strategy processes. Our approach is designed to develop strategic solutions that align cross-functional teams by leveraging our operational experience and understanding of change and implementation principles to develop measurable results.

Organizational Development Consulting

Have you recently rolled out training in your organization and wonder why it is not having the impact you had envisioned?

Organizational Development Consulting services focus on providing a systematic view of organizations from the job design, hiring profile, job aids and competency models to identify barriers within these areas. We work in partnership with you to develop solutions by creating a stakeholder team with the right people, purpose and agenda to tie to business outcomes.

Various analysis activities can include:

Business Analysis

Key Performer Information

Key Performer Analysis

Influence Analysis

Talent Engagement and Design Thinking Workshops

Our approach to organizational design, talent engagement and development is simple. It needs to tie to strategic business goals.

We know that organizations are navigating continuous changes especially when it comes to technology. Our team has many years of experience in helping organizations design and build organizational strategies to support the people side of changes. We work with you to identify the strengths and build on what is working in the organization to propel positive change efforts where employees are a part of the change not “being changed.”

In thinking about this transformation, we develop strategies that support leadership, rewards, strategic performance management, coaching/mentoring programs and competencies to support the technology changes. These programs leverage your internal assets and keep costs down as you chose which external vendors make sense to partner with in developing or enhancing these strategies.

If knowledge and skills are needed, we can provide your organization with expert instructional design and learning project managers to design & develop training that will meet these goals. We will be sure to use the right modality: blended, eTraining, classroom, mobile, social or a combination of all, if required. Our team has many years of experience designing, developing and managing learning and development projects which will be used to ensure that your organization’s requirements and budget will be met.

Leadership Development

Making sure leaders have the right tools to be successful in their jobs is our priority.

We offer a multitude of products and services to help individuals and organizations perform better. From our Strengths Deployment Inventory® (SDI®) Assessments to Facilitated Workshops, we can customize a program that fits your organization’s need.

Some of these include:

Self Assessment Feedback

Conflict Management

Team Building

Developing Team Charters

Process Identification

Our clients. Our partnerships.

We work with a wide range of government and private sector companies. Our clients include the following representative companies