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Reaching Your Organization’s Summit

Build better teams and drives superior results

If you are a business owner, HR leader, or professional tasked with organizational development, learning and development, or talent management, this book is for you. Get your copy now!

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Leading Through the Never Normal

Life is interesting and life is strange. We all have been challenged in recent years and had much change to deal with and lead through. I’ve had my fair share of interesting twists and turns throughout the years of my personal and professional life. Life takes us to places we…


“Top of the Mountain Leadership is best known for their skills as a team-builder, facilitator, trainer and speaker, and this book clearly leverages those strengths. Top of the Mountain Leadership provides a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today. This book is timely and well-written, and is definitely a worthwhile read.”

Book Reviewer

“I really enjoyed this thoughtful and well organized leadership book. Ms. Prince addresses the question of what successful leaders are like given the backdrop of four current trends: low unemployment, D&I, globalization and rapid technology change. I loved the concepts of upskilling, creative tension and skills gap analysis. Ms. Prince relies on her own experience, interviews with corporate leaders and studies done in the field to draw her conclusions. I finished this book with many practical, actionable behaviours to improve my focus and develop my leadership style.”

Book Reviewer

“In Top of the Mountain Leadership, Tiffany Prince gives her unique perspective on the concept of transformational leadership. The author helps readers understand technological advancements and their current and potential impacts on organizations and changing leadership requirements. Prince also discusses her unique leadership style framework and how it can be used to build, develop, and grow highly diverse, inclusive, and successful teams. Whether you're interested in developing your own future-proof leadership skills, or want to build an effective and successful team of leaders, this book and the author’s consultation can certainly help guide your journey.”

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